Frequently Asked Questions

When was Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™ incorporated?
Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™ was incorporated in the state of California on December of 2013.

Will you review my idea?
Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™ does not accept any kind of creative submission. All of the Company’s ideas and stories are developed internally and it is our policy not to look at any external submissions.

How do I request an interview or press materials from Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™?
Please send an email message containing all pertinent details (the nature of the story, the person with whom you wish to speak, the deadline, information regarding your publication or outlet, etc.) to our Public Relations Department at

What is your next release?
Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™ plans to launch a new AR horror app, Night Terrors™: Bloody Mary for the iOS and Android platforms Fall 2019. The release will be the sequel to the highly-successful augmented reality mobile app, Night Terrors™: Queen of the Damned. Oren Peli, creator of the Paranormal Activity franchise has signed on to executive produce the immersive experience with Nigel Sinclair (Woman in Black, Let Me In).

What is your policy or practice in regards to donations or charities?
Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™ receives numerous requests for donations and the Company takes a great deal of care in determining which initiatives to support. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of requests received Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™ is not able to accommodate all of the worthy requests.

What kind of internships do you offer and what are your requirements for consideration?
The Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™ Apprentice program offers college students the opportunity to learn about the many aspects of the entertainment industry. Currently, the Company offers internships in the Product Development, Marketing and IT divisions. The internship program is offered year round and requires candidates to be enrolled in a four-year college or university with a preferred minimum 3.0 GPA. Imprezario Entertainment, Inc.™ offers only paid internships. To apply for an internship please send cover letters and resumes to: